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Monday, October 02, 2006

High Tea Session With Bloggers

lim peh ka li kong

It has been a while since me last met up with some of my blogger friends and we had a bloggers makan seesion on the 30th September, 2006 . We met at Hotel Phoenix Garden Cafe for the weekend high-tea.

Faces appeared for the makan session were Old Beng, Cha-Bo-Lang, Xorpheus, Hiao Aunty, Elydia, Cockroach888 and Kurakat. 7 different and unique characters meeting up for a makan session. Yeah yeah, unique me say one la, my blog me say anything also can :p

The High Tea session was from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

When me and my cha-bo-lang reached the Cafe at 3:30 pm, Xorpheus, Elydia and Cockroach888 were already there.

This was the first time me met Cockroach888, a subdued but friendly guy. He is very different from Old Beng cos me very the noisy type, whole day yak yak yak and Cockroach888 is a man of few words. His knowledge on cars is really "No Horse Run" and I know who to ask for opinion the next time me want to buy a car.

A short while later, Kurakat came. A fine young man with a bright smile. Don't know why leh, me saw him only, me started to tease him and boy, did he not blush at my teasing. Hope he still dares to join our next bloggers meeting session. One thing eh, Kurakat speaks very fast, and although he is very young, there seems to be no generation gap with us.... eh... I mean with me.

While we were all indulged happily in our food, Hiao Aunty finally came. Although most of us had not met Hiao Aunty before, we managed to click very well and chat happily with laughters roared loudly.

We talked about many issues : from bloggers to MRT rides (Xorpheus thanks to your sharing of you experience); Bikes and Cars; Working and Students life; Guessing of ages and jobs; Those interesting topics just came out of our mouths non-stop. Actually I believe it´s the interesting people we have who are able to share interesting topics.

There was a whole table of women next to us but unfortunately me was sitting back facing them, thus no chance to really see those girl girl. Next time must choose a better seat with a better view.

Before we knew it, the time was already 5:40 pm.

As me and my cha-bo-lang had to go to another place, we left Hotel Phoenix after the sumptuous high tea. As I think of the food I had that day, Herbal chicken soup, Shark-fin dumplings, delicious cakes, Mee Siam, Satay, Prata, Chicken wings etc etc my saliva starts to fill up in my mouth again.

Before we go our separate ways, we manage to take 2 photographs. (Don´t @~€%@ me ok, 50% wanted their faces to be blanco-ed. As me always say, want to see us, come join us in our next session).

Standing : Kurakat, Old Beng
Sitting : Hiao Aunty, Cockroach888, Elydia, Xorpheus

While taking the photo, me was thinking why is Old Beng (the elderly) standing and the youngsters all sitting down? Probably they all sensed my displease-ness, immediately after the first photo taken, we swapped places.
Standing : Cockroach888, Hiao Aunty, Xorpheus, Elydia
Sitting : Kurakat, Old Beng

You can see from Kurakat´s face that he must be thinking "Why am I stucked with Uncle Old Beng and not having a chance to stand beside the pretty girl girl?" Ha ha Kurakat, next time be smarter and chope a better place beside the pretty girl girl before uncle grabs you beside him.

Eh, excuse me, where is cha-bo-lang????? Ai-yo, she was the camera-woman la, forgot to capture her in the photo.

Now that I think back, the food was not bad but the companionship was excellence. Me enjoyed the company of the bloggers very much.

Thanks to all who had made the event a happy one though it was quite a short session, I must say. Next round, we shall have a longer session and more photos to be taken (with my face blanco-ed, of course).

You can also read the event from Xorpheus' blog here , Elydia's blog here , Kurakat´s blog here and Hiao Aunty´s blog here

lim peh kong wan liao.


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