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Monday, December 07, 2009


lim peh ka li kong

I will turn 45 on the 08th of December 2009.

45 random facts of lim peh: (You may wanna skip cos it's just too long winded)

1) I love to eat noodle more than rice.

2) I have given up lots of bad habits after I met my cha-bo-lang.

3) Despite my age, I am still ready to learn new stuff.

4) I can ride a motorbike even though I do not have the license for it.

5) I am a tea person and I will get stomach upset if I were to drink coffee.

6) I have plenty of DVD but mostly pirated ones (sssh...)

7) I read both English and Chinese novels.

8) Without proper breakfast, my mind can't function and I can't work.

9) My brother's name has the word Beng.

10) I got my driving license in just 1 take.

11) I am a degree holder but nothing that I have studied is relevant to my work.

12) I married my cha-bo-lang in 1994 (wa-kao, 15 long years liao, 2 x 7 itchy years).

13) I am not comfortable to let a lady foot the bill when we have meals together.

14) I love to write.

15) I don't like to exercise thus causing my cha-bo-lang to nag at me constantly.

16) Although I am old, I write blog, have a Facebook account as well as a Twitter account.

17) I have friends whom we have known one another for 39 years.

18) Who says first love can't last?

19) I am a chatty person.

20) I can't tahan the taste of Beer.

21) I still owe my cha-bo-lang a meal which I have promised to cook for her. (Akan datang).

22) I have a total of 11 nephews and nieces so far.

23) I started to have lots of white hair when I was in my 20s.

24) Put me in the library and I can spend my whole day there.

25) At 45, I am still making new friends.

26) I have watched more than 30 concerts so far and my favourites are the concerts by 陈百强, 林子祥 and Michael Jackson.

27) I love to play mahjong but yet I only play about 3 times a year.

28) I speak both fluent Hokkien and Cantonese but I don't know Malay.

29) I am a rather "neow" person in spending money but not on makan.

30) If I do not read, I will feel rather uncomfortable for that particular day.

31) I prefer slow sentimental songs to fast numbers.

32) Getting married does change my life a lot.

33) I tend to "slang" whenever I speak with Ang-mo.

34) I am afraid of the dark.

35) I am not good in managing my own money.

36) I just love to dig gold.

37) I always have dinner at home with my cha-bo-lang.

38) I do lots of things for the sake of my cha-bo-lang.

39) I have to wash my hair everyday, if not I cannot sleep in peace.

40) I am not good in recognising faces and remembering names.

41) I love fleshy girls than slim ones.

42) I was a naughty boy when I was young.

43) I can breakdance when I was much much younger.

44) I think I can sing rather well but the last time since I went to Karaoke was in 2005.

45) I quit smoking in just 1 day.

Kns, tiring man!

lim peh kong wan liao
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