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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Old Beng On MRT

lim peh ka li kong,

Last Saturday Old Beng took a ride on MRT to go to work because my van was sent to the workshop for repair.

As my journey from Clementi to Tampines is quite long, I brought my walkman with me to kill time. Half way, my cassette side A came to an end so I took my walkman out from my bag and changed to side B to continue to enjoy the songs from my favourite singer - Liu Wen Zheng 刘文正.

A group of youngsters about 17-18 years old were sitting beside Old Beng (3 boys and 4 girls) and they were looking at me and giggling. Being a courteous uncle, me also smiled back to them and thus encouraged them to start talking to me.

"Hello uncle," a young boy started talking to me,"What is that thing you just take out?"

"This is a walkman," I took it out to show all of them. I was quite proud because it is a Sony brand.The group of youngsters like never see a walkman before and passed it among themselves with envious looks on their young faces. I knew they envy I got a good walkman bcos their eyes all open big big.

"Uncle, where you get this antique ah? You really style-lo milo," one girl said. "Nobody used this thing anymore la." And they all burst into a uproar of laughter.

"Why? Nothing wrong what, this walkman still can use one, you know. I know la, nowadays you all use Discman, right?" I must let them know that Old Beng also know what is the In-thing now. Discman.

One young boy took out a very small item and showed it to me and said,"Uncle, now we used MP3 liao la."

Just then, my handphone rang and I took it out from my pocket and answered. While I was talking, I realised the group of youngsters started to laugh again, somemore 1 boy laughed until he fell from his seat. Ai-yo, hope he didnt hurt himself, that poor boy.

They told me how come I still using the old model handphone, so big in size and even the ring-tones is mono one. Then they started to show me their handphones. Wa-piang, so fancy one. They said my one so outdated, should go and change one. What poly-ring tone la, can take pictures la, some can also make movies and what latest 3G one. I listened until blur blur, never heard what 3G is, G-spot I know only.

Why they laughed? My handphone very good one, so many years with me never have problem and also got so many other good ways to make use. I can use it as a dumb-bell to build my arm-muscle, I can use as door wedge to stop the door from closing, I can use as a stopping item by putting it behind the wheel of my van when I parked my van on a slope and I can use it as a weapon to throw at people, very hard one you know.

These youngsters no manners, all started to laugh loudly. As I reached Tampines already, I stood up and walked towards the door.

"Wah!" one of the girls exclaimed,"Uncle's jeans also same as ours, low waist cutting." Actually because the button of my jeans dropped out and I didnt have a belt to hold it up, thus creating an illusion as if I was wearing the low waist trousers. Not bad la, at least 1 thing is right.

Just as I was stepping out of the MRT, one of the boy roared with laughters again," Wa-kao! Crocodile!"

I was puzzled then I realised they must have seen my branded soft-panter (underwear).

lim peh kong wan liao

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