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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


lim peh ka li kong

Me received an email from a friend with some attachments of MENU (don't know which country one, try to figure it out yourself la).

My good gracious god, the translation very the Tok-Kong, read for yourself but be warned, there's some vulgarities but then hor, darn funny la.

Please sit tight prior reading, if not sure peng!!!

lim peh kong wan liao

* click pictures to enlarge *

干炒牛河 = Fxxk to fry the cow river (干 is fxxk and 牛河 is cow river)
上汤云吞 = Top soup cloud swallows (上 is top and 云吞 is cloud swallows)

牛油多士 = Butter many privates

法兰西多士 = France many privates

周打鱼汤 = The week beats the fish soup (周 is week and 打 is beats)

吞拿鱼薯仔沙律 = Swallow to take the fish sand (吞拿鱼 is swallow to take and 沙律 is sand)

黑椒猪扒 = The black the pig of picks (扒 as in 扒手 pick pocket so 扒 is pick)

猪扒哥顿布 = The pig picks the elder brother a cloth


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