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Friday, July 01, 2011

Swollen Cheek

lim peh ka li kong

I tell you ah, got 1 day hor, my left cheek suddenly swelled up leh. Everytime I open my mouth, it felt painful sia and my mouth also could not open big big, eat also quite difficult.

Ai-yo, show you the picture of my poor swollen cheek due to my swelling gum:

Tell you hor, when lim peh looked into the mirror, I saw my face actually like got baby-fat and quite chubby leh, only thing was quite buay balance lor, only one-side swollen. Many FB friends told me to drink more 凉茶, think lim peh too heaty liao.

One good friend of mine said I fat means fat la, what baby fat. I know la, he jealous of my humsap handsome face. Even my colleague said I looked cute. (Yee? why lim peh suddenly heard so many people puking?)

Anyway, my jealous friend also asked me why lim peh want to 打肿脸皮充胖子,he really kns lor.

I showed my swollen left cheek to my cha-bo-lang and she told me she had a brilliant idea to solve the imbalance of my face.

"How? Tell me, faster tell me", lim peh pleaded my cha-bo-lang to tell me her brilliant idea to solve my one-sided baby-fat cheek.

"Come, I give you one tight slap on your right cheek, then sure balance..." cha-bo-lang 边笑边说。

Wa-piangz, 认真靠害!

lim peh hope my swollen cheek can recover quickly so that I can look my normal self again, see lim peh's picture before swelling:

How? Yan dao hor? Ha ha ha.
lim peh kong wan liao
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