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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Doraemon Magnets Wanted

Still no good news on my Doraemon request???? :(

UPDATE (04th April, 2007)

Countries of magnets which we are still short of:

01 Singapore Have liao
04 Cambodia A kind stranger (pretty girl girl somemore) gave the unopened packet to me at the 7-Eleven and bingo, Cambodia :)
11 France Thanks Elydia
13 Greece Cha-bo-lang's lucky hand
14 Hong Kong
15 Hungary
18 Italy
19 Japan
23 Morocco Cha-bo-lang's lucky hand
26 Russia
34 United States
Special Edition: Suntec City
Special Edition: China Town
Special Edition: Changi Airport

Countries which are available for exchange: Canada; Chile; Denmark; Germany; India; Indonesia; Korea; Nepal; Peru; South Pole; Spain; Taiwan; Thailand; Special Edition(Singapore Skyline) etc;

UPDATE (01st April, 2007)

lim peh ka li kong

Both me and my cha-bo-lang would like to thank Tracy for her kind offer for the exchanging of the Doraemon magnet with us.

Though it was the 1st time we met, me was very sure that she could recognise me easily by my distinguish trademarks : long ear-lobe and lao ah Beng feature. True enough, while walking towards her, she recognised me even before me introduced myself.

After exchanging the magnet, me and my cha-bo-lang left happily.

Tracy, thanks for your kind offer, really appreciate it.

lim peh kong wan liao

PS: Although we met at night, with the dim light from the lamp-post plus my 老花眼 ( presbyopia), me can still see that she is a sweet, pretty and feminine young girl.

PPS: Our meeting venue was outside a neighbourhood police station, guess she me felt safer that way la =_="""


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