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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

An Incident 8

Timothy Lee:
Hello Stan, this is Tim. I tell you ah, I think my neighbour, Mr Tan, who has just moved into the unit beside me, behaves very funny lah. I think hor, his unit got ghost leh!

Every time I walked pass Mr Tan's house, all my hair on my neck will all stand up like mari gita.

One night when I walked pass his house after work, I saw Mr Tan sitting alone in his hall watching tv. I saw him talking to an empty seat beside him, it was as if he was talking to an invisible person.

Then got one time, when I was standing at my kitchen window smoking, I saw Mr Tan strolling alone in the park below our block. Again, he was like talking to someone walking beside him. At one point, he even stretched out his hand to his side while walking as though he was holding someone's hand.

Too many times, I have seen him behaving very weird. It is like he is having an invisible person living with him.

I once asked him if he lives alone, he yi-yi-ar-ar and finally said that his wife had died 2 years ago and now he is staying alone as he has no children. As Mr Tan is only 40+, I kay-poh asked him why he did not get another woman to be with him? He just gave me a sad look, shook his head and said nothing...

I don’t know leh but I find it really weird.

Please Stan, can you come down and pay Mr Tan a visit to try to solve the doubts I have on Mr Tan?


Stanley Choy:
My name is Stanley Choy. I am a journalist cum columnist. I write mainly on articles about the unexplained and yes I am rather popular as my ghost stories thrill many readers.

Timothy is my cousin. He is a kan-chiong spider. He called me one evening and told me his encounters with his new neighbour.

With such interesting issue, how can I give it a miss? So one Sunday, I paid Tim a visit.

Although I did not know which unit Timothy was referring to, I guess with my special ability, I could find out myself. When I walked pass 1 unit beside Tim’s unit, I felt a very strong chill sensation coming out from it and enveloped me. That must be the unit Tim was referring to.

My guess was right when Tim showed me the unit where Mr Tan lives.

While Tim and I were talking along the corridor, Mr Tan came out from his unit. Tim took the opportunity to introduce Mr Tan to me.

When I was talking to Mr Tan, I couldn’t help but kept staring behind his back. I knew it was rude not to look at someone when you were talking to but the shock I had then was far beyond any of my past experiences.

Mr Tan seemed to be uneasy when talking to us and he excused himself and walked away towards the lift.

Tim stared at my pale face and both of us went into his unit to discuss, behind closed door...


Timothy Lee:
Stan was very sporting and he came down to my house the next day after I spoke with him. While we were talking outside my unit, Mr Tan so happened to come out from his unit.

I immediately took the opportunity to introduce him to Stan.

I don’t know leh but when Stan was talking to Mr Tan, I could sense that both felt rather uneasy. After Mr Tan left, both Stan and I quickly went into my house and discussed...


Stanley Choy & Timothy Lee:
Tim : Stan, what happened huh? Why you looked so weird while talking to Mr Tan?

Stanley : Tim, everyone who looks at Mr Tan will be able to see that he is feeling very sad and weird. He’s wearing his sadness like a placard, how can one missed seeing it?

Tim: Ya meh? I don’t see leh. All I can tell is that he is behaving very weirdly.

Stanley : You know I have the special gift of seeing spirits.

Tim : Yeah, I know you have 阴阳眼. So did you see anything funny?

Stanley : I saw a beautiful lady standing behind but very closely to Mr Tan, I guess she was his late wife. She knew I could see her but she just couldn’t care much. Her eyes were showing so much affection and love to Mr Tan and I guess Mr Tan is aware of her existence...


Mr Tan:
Why can’t they just leave us alone? Why must people be so busybody? Guess I will have to move house again sooner or later.

Although many people had felt weird and suspicious, nobody will actually know what is happening except that Stan. I think he is one of the people with special ability to see things beyond the norm.

I know it is not right for Michelle to linger but she just can’t leave peacefully.

The first time I sensed Michelle’s presence after she passed away was the night I cried myself to sleep. In the midst of drifting in and out of sleep, I could feel Michelle caressing my face and wiping away my tears. Although I couldn’t remember seeing her, I knew it was her by the way she touched my face.

Then, Michelle came into my dreams every night. We talked, we laughed, we were extremely happy in my dreams. What is dream? What is reality? The feeling sensations were so real until I couldn’t tell whether it’s reality or dreams.

To me, it makes no difference cos reality or dream is not important. I enjoy being with Michelle again and I simply refuse to know the truth. Whether I am seeing her in reality or just in my dream makes no difference at all.

Slowly, Michelle was with me both in my reality life as well as in my dreams, I guess.

Every night, we will go to bed together and whenever I woke up in the middle of the night, I can feel her sleeping beside me. I can see her beautiful face and her body gradually gets warmer and warmer as days go by.

I can hug her, hold her and kiss her again. Her hair still smells the same to me; Her body warmth still lingers when we hug;

She is more like a real person but only I can see and feel her. The only inconvenience is when we go out together as I am not able to hold her hand nor have meals in the public as people will see me behaving weirdly.

The first incident which thrilled me was when we went to the seaside together. We walked along the beach in bare foot and when I turned around to look at the beach, there was only the track of my footsteps left printed on the beach. This first incident confirmed my doubt on Michelle’s existence.

Yes, I know what I am doing. We do no harm to anyone. We live in our own world, not disturbing anybody, just Michelle and I.

We live together as usual, just like before, living happily ever after...


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