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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Four - Thai Movie

lim peh ka li kong

My movie grading:

5 4 star rating = Great show, sibeh nice, no horse run, sure must watch.
4 4 star rating = A good show worth paying to watch.
4 star rating = Watchable
4 star rating = Free ticket and have spare time then watch;
4 star rating = Don't waste your time;

lim peh always like Ghost stories.

Lately, the ghost movies from Korea and Thailand are getting better, much better than the USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Some Thai movies which lim peh consider good ones were Shutter, Phobia I and II, Screen etc.

Actually, omnibus movies are my favourites cos you can get 4 movies albeit a bit short for the price of 1.

The lastest Thai ghost movie is a foursome - Lud See Lud aka Four.

Directed by 4 acclaimed directors of Thailand, 4 is an anthology film features 4 stories of drama, action, thriller and comedy.

Super brief storylines (no worries, no spoilers):

(1) Clean-Up Day: A group of young punks talking away...

(2) The Gift Shop For The Ones You Hate: Like the title, a gift shop...

(3) Eerie Night: 3 on the run criminals running into an old desserted warehouse...

(4) Dead Grandpa: A dead Ah Gong who refused to die...

Cha-bo-lang and I watched the DVD one weekend afternoon but we stopped the disc after the first 2 stories. Not that they were so scary until we dare not watch but they were so lousy until we couldn't continue to finish watching the whole disc. Yes, it's that bad. (Do understand that this is solely my opinion and to my taste).

Since lim peh already bought the DVD, I would want to finish the whole movie, be it good or lousy. So one day lim peh managed to sit still and finish the remaining 3rd and 4th story.

After watching the whole movie, the 3rd and 4th stories were better than the first 2 but still a great disappoinment to me.

Is the movie really so bad? Yes but to be fair, there were some good points like:

Story (1) : The director finished the whole scene in 1 long shot and that's quite cool.
Story (3) : The main lead Ananda Everingham acted rather well, very different from his other usual role and the finger cutting scenes were quite gross.
Story (4) : That "sissy" actor was rather funny even though he was a little bit over.

Overall, the stories are weak and lack in the gist of the unique Thai horror movies.


I can only give "Lud 4 Lud" (2 4 star rating)(Free ticket and have spare time then watch).

lim peh kong wan liao
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