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Friday, July 28, 2006

Old, Older, Oldest

lim peh ka li kong

What is old? 30? 40? 50? Neh, think "Old" is rather subjective but if you have encountered or done some of the followings, then you are OLD or Very OLD or Si Bei OLD:

You know you are OLD if you have :

1) Bought Chewing Gum in Provisional shops.

2) Listened to 四大天王 .

You know you are VERY OLD :

1) Buying Cassettes instead of CD.

2) Choosing the latest model of Pagers.

3) Playing "Game and Watch".

4) Listening to 刘文正 is an "IN" thing.

5) Buying bus ticket from a bus conductor.

6) Watch Musical shows at National Theatre.

7) Enjoyed a day in Amusement Park at Kallang (The old one which was Wonderland lookalike).

8) You go to Van Kleef Aquarium instead of Underwater World at Sentosa to see fish.

9) Watching Black and White Television programmes.

10) Playing fire crackers openingly.

11) Watched movies in the Drive-In Cinema at Jurong.

12) Had a wonderful time at Great World City 大世界 (Not the current one la, of course).

You know you are EXTREMELY OLD :

1) Eating Ice Kacang in Ball-shape using your hand.

2) Listening to 青山、葛兰。。。

So eh, if you have not done and don´t even have the slightlest idea of what craps me is talking, then congrats, you are not OLD. Go ask your parents about those things we did when we were not so OLD then.

lim peh kong wan liao


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