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Monday, April 13, 2009

To Talk Properly

lim peh ka li kong

After the following 2 incidents, lim peh finally understood the importance to speak properly and to make myself clear when conversing with another person:


My cha-bo-lang bought me a new T-shirt but after wearing it for one time, lim peh just chucked it in the cupboard and not wearing it again.

Cha-bo-lang: “喂,老明,为什么没见你再穿我买给你的新衣?”




My cha-bo-lang immediately ROARED after hearing my reply.

I had a hard time explaining to her that what lim peh really said was that T-shirt 不吸汗.


My cha-bo-lang brought me to a shop to buy a watch for lim peh.

We were looking around in the shop and lim peh heard my cha-bo-lang asking the shop owner: "Do you have any second hand watches? I will like to take a look."

Lim peh stared at my cha-bo-lang cos I don't believe my cha-bo-lang is so cheapo as to wanting to buy a second-hand watch for me as a present.

"Eh... 老婆, I don't need a watch la, if not enough money, no need to buy me a watch la."

"I have money la, don't worry." My cha-bo-lang replied.

"But... then why do you want to buy a second hand watch for me? I don't want a second hand watch, I want a first hand one."

"You gila or what? What I meant was to get a watch with a second hand in it, not a used second hand watch la."


lim peh kong wan liao
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