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Monday, September 29, 2008

Panda Old Beng

lim peh ka li kong

Finally, lim peh got chance to wear my beautiful Sunglasses which I bought from Barcelona, Spain and eh... guess lim peh will be wearing it for at least 1 whole week, rain or shine.

So if you happened to see an old uncle wearing a pair of beautiful Sunglasses even though it may be raining, most likely that old uncle is lim peh.

Why Old Beng so hao-lian and hiao?

Actually, me darn 冤枉 lor.

Yesterday my cha-bo-lang overheard lim peh talking to my friend using my mobile.

"... so if you reach the hotel earlier than I, you book a room first and wait for me to come hor..."

That was when lim peh suddenly saw a 拳头 coming towards my right eye at the speed of a F1 racing car. Talk that time slow, actually very fast. (说时迟, 当时快) lim peh felt a sharp pain on my right eye.

My cha-bo-lang punched me right at my 金城武's eye (same same beautiful eyes) and then it swelled and became a 黑目克.

Now, after my explanation, you know why lim peh have to wear my beautiful Sunglasses from Barcelona...

lim peh kong wan liao

P/s: lim peh was telling my friend Ah Seng to book a karaoke room if he were to reach the hotel earlier than I...
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