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Friday, November 24, 2006

10 Handsome Guys (Updated)

lim peh ka li kong

Since me did the 10 Beautiful Girls, me may as well do something on 10 handsome guys.

As guys do not attract me like girls do, guess that´s why me ain´t able to fill up all 10 Handsome Guys leh, only managed to have 8, me will still post up 10 Handsome Guys with the help of my readers.

So, please provide your view of handsome guys and hopefully me can fill up the gap, kam siah..

1) Fei Xiang 费翔
费翔 appeared long time ago but he was rather young and had a baby-face then. As he aged over the years, he looks better and his charm has always made the gals drool.

2) Leslie Cheung 张国荣
Leslie Cheung 张国荣 was indeed a Superstar during his primetime in show business. He had held a Farewell Concert and later stepped back into the Lime-light again. A great lost when he decided to end his life in a rather tragic way.

3) Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武
He started his career path in Taiwan as a Singer but frankly speaking, he cannot sing well. It was a wise move when he left Taiwan and ventured into Hong Kong and later into Japan. Now he is one of the BIGGEST Star in the Chinese Society.

4) Wentworth MillerTo be honest, me don´t know him at all, that is to say before me got myself hooked in the T.V. drama "Prison Break". The story line is interesting and rather exciting and he definitely stood up among all the prisoners in the drama.

5) Hideaki Takizawa 龙泽秀明Apart from seeing his photo once in a while in the Newspaper or some 娱乐八卦杂志, me know nothing about him except he does have a handsome face.

6) Park Yong Ha 朴龙河 He was the 第二男主角 in the popular Korean Drama 冬季恋歌 with everybody concentrating on 第一男主角Bae Yong Jun 裴勇俊. Although most gals will prefer 裴勇俊 to 朴龙河, me still think 朴龙河 is better looking.

7) Jimmy Lin 林志颖He was the Pretty Face from Taiwan to stop the monopoly Pretty Boy Syndrome - Arron Kwok 郭富城 when 郭富城 conquered the millions of young gals heart then. Though 林志颖 is around 30 now, his pretty baby face still stays with him.

8) Edison Chen 陈冠希
Another pretty face but this boy has a rather "Bad Boy" look and rather 踹 and 怪烂. As the saying goes: 男人不坏、女人不爱.

9) Daniel Wu 吴彦祖At certain angle, this young man does look a little bit like Andy Lau 刘德华. Refused to be clssified as a Pretty Face, he had been taking up roles which really geared up his acting skill. One of his show which me think his acting skill improved a lot is 旺角黑夜.

10) Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackson, to many, is known for acting in the X-Men series. Actually he also acted in Van Helsing, Swordfish, Someone Like You, Kate & Leopold etc. Many girls fall for his charm with the different roles he played in the different movies but me think he still looked the best in the show Kate & Leopold.

After seeing all the handsome faces, me can only say @#€$%&, why me don´t have a handsome face like they have?

lim peh kong wan liao

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