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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bali Trip Part 2

lim peh ka li kong

...continue from Part 1

lim peh just realised that I have not finished my Bali trip post.

We checked out from Ubud and transferred to another Hotel, this time to a Villa and the best part is, we have the 3D2N stay free.

The villa, compared to our earlier Hotel room, is much bigger and nicer.

When we stepped into the Villa, we saw a swimming pool.

There´s a Bedroom with a very comfortable bed.
Lomantic hor?!
Jacuzzi in the Bathroom
A relax corner in the Hall
An outward view.

Although the Villa is beautiful, we did not stay in it the whole day.

We took a complimentary bus ride to the Kuta area to jalan jalan see see look look.

We went to the shopping area and saw this nicely decorated water features.

 Smiley Face

The weather in Bali is extremely hot, after walking for a while, we went to have some Yogurt. The Yogurt shop which we went has a nice decoration on its wall.

 Cute drawings on the wall.

Even the deco in the shop is very retro and very nice.

 See the colours of the chairs in nice pink and green.

I forgot to mention that our breakfast in the Villa is also complimentary. Every morning, a young lady would come into our Villa suite and cook us breakfast.

 Lady cooking our breakfast.

 The breakfast tasted better than its look.

I remembered one of the nights, we were in Ubud area and it was raining rather heavily and we did not bring any umbrella with us. (Thanks to my not listening to my wife to take an umbrella with us as lim peh find it rather "lay-chey" to have an umbrella when we went jalan jalan.)

Result? lim peh had to cover my head with a beautiful plastic bag.

 lim peh was a bit worried, in case people asked me to sign autograph for them as they might have mistaken me as him
How? Same same right?!
My cha bo lang told me to stop dreaming, she said he is 李明顺 and lim peh is 顶不顺, you all say leh?

Ok ok stop mocking lim peh la. I know you all jealous of me.

lim peh kong wan liao
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