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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Interesting Picture Captured (7) - Female Driver

lim peh ka li kong

We always hear this saying whenever we are driving:

"Must be a female drive"

Guess female drives are more careful than male drivers thus they tend to drive more cautiously and carefully which resulting in their slow kiasi driving style.

lim peh was driving home one day when there was a female driver driving in front of me.

She was driving rather slowly and kept stepping on the brakes but since lim peh was not in the hurry, I followed behind patiently.

When we reached a junction, the traffic light turned amber and the female driver in front of me was very indicisive whether or not to go ahead and beat the traffic light or stop.............
and the end result was this:
She had stopped with part of her car in the yellow box and all the other vehicles behind her had stopped properly behind the white line.

Guess she must have felt malu-ed and stressed with all the cars zooming in front of her.

lim peh kong wan liao

Note: Of course, some female drivers are very skillful, even better than male drivers.
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