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Thursday, September 13, 2007


lim peh ka li kong

Lim peh that day met up with my friend Ah Seng to have a brief la-kopi session cos the last time we met was like a year ago, click here, to see our last meeting.

We were talking when he told me he always tells girl girl he is a MBA.

This Ah Seng ah, married for more than 20 years liao still mouth flower flower 口花花, lim peh must tell you more about him. He earns his living by driving a but he is rather good looking, he looks a bit like the cross of the following 2 men.


Anyway, back to our talk-cock discussion session. He was telling me that he always tells girl girl, the young pretty chio types, that he is a MBA.

"Oei, Lau Seng, you don´t any how the innocent girl girl hor, if not lim peh go tell your wife that you sure or-bak-kark." Lim peh stared at him and gave him a stern warning.

"Alamak! Lau Beng, what innocent girl girl? Me no bluf them la although some really very hiong one you know, when they board my taxi they will talk and talk with me and before they reach their destinations, they will give me their handphone numbers and ask me to call them..." Ah Seng said.

"You kns la, why lim peh never got girl girl give me their numbers? lim peh tried giving them my handphone numbers they also dont want la, you? Some more hor, you don´t even have "O" level cert, what MBA? Bluf girl girl and still dare not admit, lim peh see you no up!"

"Ai-ya, the MBA I said is not the educational term la..." Ah Seng tried to explain to me.

"Hor!!!! You worse la, you think lim peh don´t know the other meaning of MBA, is it? Married But Available, tio bo?" lim peh must show him I also know the other meaning of MBA.

"No la, you see you la, always jump into conclusion, Lau Beng, kiang tio ho, mai keh kiang. My MBA means "Ma Boh Ai" meaning also don´t want la, ha ha ha." Ah Seng pointing his finger at me and laughing loudly.

This Ah Seng really kns, tricked lim peh and then mocked at me.

"You NBA!!!" lim peh shot him back.

"NBA??? Si mi lai eh?" Ah Seng looked confused and puzzled after lim peh scolded him NBA.

"Na-Beh-A!!!!" lim peh told him.

lim peh kong wan liao
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