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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


lim peh ka li kong

There are many movies which me had watched over the years, some good ones and some lousy ones.

Following are some movies which me like or with certain memories in my heart.

1) The Abyss (1989)

This movie was released in 1989 directed by James Cameron. I am always fascinated by Science-Fiction movies and this one is my all time favourite. Although there are other better special effect movies, I still classified this as a superb movie.

2) Twister (1996)

Natural disasters always amaze me and this powerful, fantastic special effect movie just grabbed my heart when me first watched it. Even until now when me re-watched the DVD again, it still facisnates me, especially the part when the lead actor/actress were in the eye of the Twister.

3) The Exorcist (1973)When Old Beng me was just a 14 year-old young boy, me managed to get hold on this classical horror movie 5 years after its released (VCR tape) of all time. Being a yaya-papaya cum itchy backside chao young beng trying to prove my guts, me switched off all the lights in the house and watched the movie alone through midnight. Gosh, me couldn´t sleep that night. For a movie made in 1973, this horror movie is one hell of a classic scary movie, at least to my taste.

4) Labyrinth (1986)

Me remembered this movie because it was one of the movies me watched with my cha-bo-lang many years back during my courting time. Now re-watching it brought back lots of sweet memories :)

5) Somewhere In Time (1980)

A beautiful love story that travelled through time. After Christopher Reeve attained his success as Superman (1978), he changed his SuperHero role to a man seeking for his love through time in "Somewhere In Time". A romantic 冧死人 love story and Jane Seymore was beautiful in this movie.

6) Mission Impossible (1996)

Huh?!?!? 唔系啦嘛?!?!? Tom Cruise´s Mission Impossible is also one of my top 10 movies?!?!? Joking or what?!?! Eh, actually, this so-so movie managed to be in my top 10 movies with only 1 reason : It was the last movie I watched with my late father and that brings lots of memories me had with my late father....

7) The Way Home 回家 (2002)
This is a Korean story about a grandmother and her grandson. The typical naughty boy from the town and his beloved grandma. Like most Korean movie, the pace is rather slow but there are quite a few scenes which brought tears to my eyes, guess I missed my grandmother.

8) Old boy 老男孩 (2004)This Korean movie is not too violence, not too funny, not too good but when all of the "not too" mixed together, they just blend so well into a good movie. Watching the show is like riding a roller coaster with a well perfect twist near the end of the story.

9) Return Of The Dragon 猛龙过江 (1973) also known as The Way Of The Dragon

Do I need to say more? Bruce Lee is a legend and his appearance swept all young men off their feet. I was only in Primary School when all his movies were block-busters then and me still remembered me doing his famous 李三脚 kicks imitating his "wa-tha" noise whenever he attacked his opponents. Of all his movies, this Return Of The Dragon 猛龙过江 is the best and his last fighting scene with Chuck Norris is a classic.

10) The Private Eyes 半斤八两 (1976)

Michael Hui 许冠文 humourous acting ruled the Movie World before Stephen Chow´s fame. I still remembered vividly that I laughed and laughed while watching this The Private Eyes 半斤八两 in Cinema. No other movie had ever brought me that much of laughters. Now that I re-watched the movie again, it does not made me roar with laughter like it used to be but it still made me smile.

There are of course many many more great movies but these 10 are my favourites, each with its own sentimental reason. Hmmm, cannot wait liao, me shall indulge myself in all the above DVD again...

lim peh kong wan liao


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