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Saturday, February 11, 2006

10 Signs You Are Getting Old

lim peh ka li kong

Lately, me have been reading too many heated issues over the bloggers' world and few bloggers have stopped/ going to stop blogging, quite xian leh.

Let me try to write something more enjoyable, at least to myself.

Old Beng has already stepped into his 40s thus can say I am already old but if you have the following points, then maybe age is catching up with you too.

Anyway, just for fun la

10 points showing that you ARE getting old

1. Start to nag.

2. Cannot remember what you did or ate yesterday but can remember the past issues of your life very clearly.

3. Cannot understand Primary School's Mathematics questions.

4. Cannot appreciate the New songs now, sometimes even consider them as noise and not music.

5. Still watching Hong Kong series drama instead of watching the Korean ones.

6. Insist that all must wear clothes that are RED in colour during Chinese New Year.

7. Still sending emails and not using MSN.

8. Cannot stay up late through the night like you used to be.

9. Like to recall the good old times of your life.

10. Realise that many "Actions" cannot be fulfilled with wife anymore (the less terok and not so siong ones still okable la).

Ha ha Old Beng me scored 10/10 thus bo bian must admit that Old Beng is indeed OLD

lim peh kong wan liao

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