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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

10 Weird Facts About My Cha-Bo-Lang

lim peh ka li kong

lim peh wrote about my weird facts many months ago and now lim peh is writing down the weird facts of my cha-bo-lang.

1) Cha-bo-lang is very, extremely, super, duper, hyper afraid of EMF radiation from computer and telephone and that's the reason why she seldom uses her handphone or computer. On top of that, she always detests whenever she sees Old Beng using them.

2) Unlike some other women, she never likes branded bags like what Mango, Gucci, LV, Prada, LV etc etc and so what kind of bags does cha-bo-lang carry? Let me show you the bags she carries to work everyday

FOC bag from Mastercard N years ago

Free souvenir bag from Children's Society of Hong Kong
3) She loves stray dogs more than those "branded" ones and one of her favourite past time hobbies is to go around some ulu places in Singapore with some dog food to feed those stray dogs. Additional weird fact of her is that she can tolerate doggies' nonsensical acts more than children's misbehaved acts.

4) Cha-bo-lang loves bitter chocolates but everytime she has some chocolate, the after-effect she gets (within the next 10 minutes) is "stone-ness" and "sleepiness". Tell you one secret, normally if lim peh needs to discuss some issues and didn't want her to think too much, lim peh will give her some chocolates to eat first prior to our discussion. If no chocolate, any kind of sweet tidbits also can do the trick.

5) Again, unlike some women, cha-bo-lang does not put on cosmetics make-up, neither does she spray perfume thus lim peh never get shock every morning when I see her wake-up face.

6) Cha-bo-lang dislikes wearing a watch or any form of jewelry - she doesn't have a watch, no ring, no necklace, no bracelet, no ear-rings whatsoever.

7) Another weird fact of cha-bo-lang which lim peh finds it very amusing is her talent to be able to cook the almost same kind of tasty food which we ate outside. To be precise, she can cook almost as well as the Restaurant by just tasting the food once. A real weird talent.

8) Cha-bo-lang seldom buys clothings and she usually wears her clothings for a long long time; Some of her clothings which she wears to work now have been worn for more than 10 years liao.

9) Cha-bo-lang extremely loves to give away presents especially Christmas time; Not only lim peh have, siblings have, nieces and nephews have, neighbours' children will also have.

10) The weirdest fact will definitely be cha-bo-lang loving and marrying a person like old beng.

Looking at all her 10 weird facts, lim peh is not complaining at all. As a matter of fact, lim peh is more than happy to have such a cha-bo-lang with such weird facts.

lim peh kong wan liao
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