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Monday, October 12, 2009

ASD Charity Event Gathering

lim peh ka li kong

Remember lim peh’s previous post on ASD Charity Event?

Lim peh very smart one and made use of the opportunity to make it a small bloggers’ gathering event of our own (thanks to Xorpheus – the supposedly original person to organize our gathering some 3 years ago).

“Got 3 years so long meh?” Everybody who attended last Saturday night’s dinner was doubting Old Beng’s statement.

Since my blogging saga, lim peh have met up with Xorpheus in 4 different occasions:

1) KTV session on the 13 Nov 2005; (With Qin, Monkichi, I Promise and Xishi)
2) Supper at Lavender on the 17 Dec 2005; (With Qin, Monkichi, Xishi and Elydia)
3) Japanese Dinner on the 02 Jun 2006 (With Elydia and Dan Dan) and
4) High Tea on the 02 Oct 2006; (With Elydia, Hiao Aunty, Cockcoach and Joshua)

See? The last time we met up was on the 02 Oct 2006, 3 long years man.

Actually hor, we did have another gathering on the 01 Mar 2007 during Chinese New Year at Hiao Aunty’s house but our Xorpheus fly, flew, flown our aeroplane then.

Anyway, since our Xorpheus WAS so busy and IS still so busy, lim peh took the liberty to gather some of the bloggers to meet up last Saturday.

Old Beng & Cha-bo-lang, Elydia & Peter, Joshua, Hiao Aunty and Xorpheus came together again for a talk cock session.

We ate, we talked, we suan-ed one another, we updated our status (someone got married a year ago and nobody seems to know, darn jia-lat lor), we laughed and most importantly, we enjoyed our evening with one another’s companionship.

Before we knew it, it’s almost 11 pm and we had to bid goodbye.

Since everybody was pointing fingers at someone for not doing his part in organizing our gathering, this time round, our next gathering session was fixed before we went our separate ways.

We are going to have a “Supper cum Tea Session”, details as follows:

Venue: West Coast Road “Ah Neh’s Coffee Shop”
(opposite Esso petrol Kiosk)
Date: 17 Oct 2009 Saturday
Time: 9:30 pm

Interested? Come come don’t shy, it’s gonna be a happy night and it is also very economical. (Prata and teh in coffee shop, cheap cheap.)

lim peh kong wan liao.
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