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Friday, March 24, 2006

A - Z

lim peh ka li kong

Lately me very the busy until no time to post, just told my cha-bo-lang yesterday that me might just stop my blog at the 100th marks.

Then today, while busy-ing halfway, something strike my mind and this is the outcome of it:-

A - Z of Old Beng.

A : Angry
To get angry is to punish myself with someone's error so me usually don't get angry, me only will get even.

B : Blog
Lim peh ka li kong.

C : Cha-bo-lang
The most important person in the world to me.

D : Dinner
Dinner at home with cha-bo-lang almost everyday. 幸福哦.

E : Egg
Love to eat egg but always kena refrained by cha-bo-lang at only maximum 1 per day

F : Fluency
Very fluent in Hokkien dialects especially scolding words.

G : Girl Girl
Bio-ing girl girl is one hobby lim peh can never get enough especially in swimming pool and at the beach.

H : Homely couple
Me and my cha-bo-lang are a pair of hyper homely couple who loves to stay at home.

I : International
Middle finger is an International well understood gasture.

J : Jolie
Angelina Jolie - lim peh's dream girl.

Lim peh cannot tahan people too nosy, everything also want to KPO

L : Loh-so
Lim peh getting more and more loh-so lately, think me is really getting old liao.

M : Money
Don't know why leh, money always not enough.

N : Nag
Cha-bo-lang's favourite past time hobby on Old Beng. :p

O : Oh-My-God
A phrase always used by Old Beng me whenever me see/hear/know something unusual.

P : Phui
Ah Phui - a name cha-bo-lang calls me. (For non-Hokkien friend, Phui = Fat)

Q : Queer
Me no queer, me very the straight one thus cannot stand the movie "Brokeback Mountain"

R : Roar
Cha-bo-lang's weapon.

S : Supper
Something which is a history term, have not had supper for a long long time.

T : Table-tennis
A game me enjoy playing but hardly have the time now. (Was a school player).

U : Uncle
Uncle = Old Beng. :(

V : Virgin
Am still a virgin...... today only, he he he.

W : Wife
Thank you for being so understanding and be with me through thick and thin.

X : X'mas
My favourite festival especially enjoying the season's lovely atmosphere with loved one.

Y : Yo-yo
Me played yo-yo extremely well when me was a boy but then again, who cares?

Z : Zzzzzz
Always try to sleep by 11 pm but hardly succeeded in doing so, must try to sleep early.

Now I know my A-B-C, next time won't you sing with me...

lim peh kong wan liao

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