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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

10 Signs Of Lao Hokkien 老福建

lim peh ka li kong

10 signs you know you are a typical, authentic Lao Hokkien 老福建.

1) The first greetings to anybody you meet at anytime is "Cha Pah Buay" 吃饱未?

2) Feel much more secure with actual cash (Dollar notes) in your wallet than having only the credit cards and ATM cards.

3) You will pick your teeth after every meal with a toothpick rather than brushing or flossing them.

4) Before you sit down, you will definitely beat the cushion of the chair a few times.

5) You don´t understand why the youngsters nowadays are willing to pay for a cup of Coffee many times the price whereby you can get it from the coffee shop?

6) You must comb your hair neat neat with the parting seen in a very straight line.

7) You will dap your finger with your saliva before turning the pages of the book, magazine or Newspaper.

8) You make sure that your trousers is high enough to cover your belly-button, if not you will get stomach-ache if wind blows at it.

9) Saucer is not for holding a cup of Kopi-O, it is for you to pour the Kopi-O into it and drink from it.

10) You always address yourself as "lim peh".

lim peh kong wan liao

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