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Monday, July 30, 2007

Momoe Yamaguchi 山口百惠

lim peh ka li kong

Many many years ago, when I first knew my cha-bo-lang, she liked 山口百惠 Momoe Yamaguchi very much.

Although at that time I preferred 中森明菜 Akina to 山口百惠 Momoe Yamaguchi but through my cha-bo-lang, I started to listen to some her songs too.

Actually I heard 2 of her songs in Cantonese version prior to hearing of the original versions sang by her.

1 song is the one sang by Leslie Cheung 张国荣的"风继续吹" and 1 more sang by Albert Aw 欧瑞强(cannot remember the title of the song liao).

During her prime time, our local TV station did telecast some of Momoe Yamaguchi 山口百惠 Japanese series.

As much as I tried to recall and write more about Momoe Yamaguchi 山口百惠 career paths, my mind now is rather empty as the news of the Japan entertainment wasn´t really easily accessible then.

I can only remember that Momoe Yamaguchi 山口百惠 left the entertainment limelight after she got married and since then she has never come back to show business. For that, I salute her.

Managed to find 3 of the MV and I shall post them here for my cha-bo-lang.

lim peh kong wan liao

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