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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Old Beng Met With An Accident

lim peh ka li kong

Last night me and my cha-bo-lang and my 12 children went for diiner. (your eyes no something wrong la, I got 12 children and am real proud and I called them my 12 Chinese Signs darlings - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Piglet, ha ha more grand than a footfall team) but now I think my cha-bo-lang maybe got baby again leh, how ah, must think of name again.

Maybe just recycle the name lor, the new member will be called Mouse, Cow, Tigress, etc (same meaning) ha ha lim peh clever la. Wait, what is the female name for snake ah and I surely cannot call my 21st child Bitch leh, so how? never mind la, still a long long way la unless my wife again has twins, triplets, etc.

Anyway, back to my dinner with my family.

While I was driving in my van with all my children sitting behind, I noticed a BIG truck in front of me. (the real BIG type one)

I always drive very carefully one because my whole family lifes in my hand and I have seen too many unnecessary accidents on the roads during my driving life.

Speed for what, the different is only few minutes what? Angry because some idiots overtake you or horn at you when you are slow? No need la, late is better than no reach destination.

Anyway, Singapore road, where can speed one? Furthermore my van also no power to run fast fast la. I always good hubby one, I listen to everything my cha-bo-lang say, she say cannot speed and must drive carefully so I listen lor.
(I repeat, I not scared wife hor, I respect her only in order to have a good piece of mind and peace).

Anyway, back to my journey. While I was driving side by side with the BIG truck, the stupid idiotic (sorry, must scold him, cannot tahan) truck driver suddenly cut into my lane without signal.

Wa-piang, I quickly jammed brakes hard hard as if stepping on a poisonous snake like that until my both leg muscles also feel pain.

But, too late because the truck was too near to me (not my skill not good ok) and the backside of the truck knock my front light. My van after hit by the truck swayed slightly to the side but heng ah luckily no people walking along the pavement.

First thing I do is to check and make sure my cha-bo-lang and my 12 children all okay. then my heart also cool down because to me ah, safety of my family is always no. 1

The stupid idiotic BIG truck driver then stopped his truck and came down and walked towards me looking very angry. On his way he somemore rolled up his 2 sleeves (like want to hammer people like that).

I also went down from my van and wait for the truck driver to approach me thinking will there be a quarrel or worse still, a fight?

Luckily, the truck driver very good man, he see see check check the condition of my van and apologised to me and agreed to pay for the damage of my van. We exchange details and moved on so as not to jam the traffic.

I was puzzled why the truck driver so good manners cos he sure looked like want to fight like that (no, I was wearing Shirt with sleeves and he sure cannot see my eagle and tiger) but then my wife told me there was actually a policecar driving just behind us and the truck driver saw the policemen looking at him, so...

Lukily my van can still drive so Old beng and his beloved family went to have a happy dinner.

lim peh kong wan liao

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