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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jokes On Lau Hero Again

lim peh ka li kong

My friend, Lau Hero, has been MIA in the blogger-world for a very long long time and me have been missing him especially his unique comments and blog entries.

Neh-mind, me shall post some of his jokes to share :-


One evening, Lau Hero went to packet additional food to bring home for dinner whereby his wife and daughter were waiting for him.

He had bought a packet of "Deer meat".

When he reached home, his daughter Little Heroine greeted him at the door.

"Darling, I have packeted additional food for our dinner tonight and it is something you have not eaten before." Lau Hero told his Little Heroine. "You guess what Papa bought? I will give you a hint. It is something your mummy calls me." (Lau Hero´s wife always calls him "Dear...").

Little Heroine thought for a while and with a big smile on her face she said, "Wow, I have never tried "Tortoise meat" before."

Note: Lau Hero´s wife always addresses Lau Hero as 老乌龟 (Old Tortoise) behind his back...


One day, during his returned flight from Hong Kong, Lau Hero wasn´t feeling well and was feeling nausea. The Air-Stewardess handed a "Vomitting Bag" to Lau Hero to throw up and in less than a minute, the bag was almost full.

"Please hang on and I will get you another "Vomitting Bag" and don´t vomit all over the place." The pretty Air-Stewardess told Lau Hero before leaving to get another "Vomitting Bag" for him.

When she came back, she saw the whole floor was covered with Vomits.

"Ai-yo! What happened, sir? I thought I told you to hang on while I get you a new bag?" The Air-Stewardess asked Lau Hero.

Lau Hero answered, " Nabehs, I saw that the bag was almost full so I drank some back to avoid overflow and then everybody around me started to throw up all over the place..."

Before Lau Hero finished talking, the Air-Stewardess throw up onto him...


Old Beng saw Lau Hero lying by the roadside with his ear pressed to the ground.

"What´s going on, Lau Hero?" Old Beng asked.

"A bald man in Red T-shirt riding a Harley-Davidson with a long hair girl behind him is heading East." Lau Hero said.

"Wow!" Old Beng said, "I am impressed. How the hell do you know all these details by just listening to the ground."

"Ka-ni-nah la, they just ran over me..." Lau Hero answered.


lim peh kong wan liao


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