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Monday, January 31, 2011

Plant In Our Garden 2

lim peh ka li kong

My cha-bo-lang loves to tend to our little garden with different kinds of plants.

The last time lim peh saw a unique plant Sesame and lately I saw another nice plant - a flowering plant.

One morning, I saw this big beautiful flower bloomed beautifully and lim peh quickly took a photo of it.
Beautiful white.

Then at about noon time, the flower suddenly changed its colour to light pink.

Light pinkish

In the evening it turned into a third colour - dark pink.
lim peh quickly told my cha-bo-lang about the miraculous discovery I found and she just looked at me with unbelievable eyes and said, “Hello, you so 孤陋寡闻?never see  芙蓉花 before huh?”

“Orh...” lim peh said.

“Orh han chez” cha-bo-lang said.

So now lim peh know this beautiful colour changing flower is the Hibiscus Mutabilis, 芙蓉 also known as 三变花。

lim peh kong wan liao

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