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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Old Beng : A Pseudonym

Ever since I started my Blog "lim peh ka li kong", I have been writing under the pseudonym of "Old Beng" and other times in Chinese some old articles written some years back.

Friends who know me as I am in reality seem not able to understand that Old Beng is just a made-up character and not able to accept my non-sense tales. The most obvious difference is the numbers of children Old Beng has and his "Fiona look-alike wife" cos in actual life, this is not true.

Oh please, in our fast pace-moving society we are having now, who on earth with a sound mind will have 12 children. I have a friend who has 5 children and for that I really salute him.

So if you are a personal friend of mine, please read Old Beng´s tales with an open mind and do not get confused over the real me in life.

Old Beng : 40 years old married with 12 children and stays in HDB driving a van and working as an office PKL man.

Real me : 40 years old married without children used to stay in HDB driving a car and working as an Executive Operator in the Petroleum Line.

The reason for this clarification is that I am thinking of touching on certain incidents and wanting to share the real life which I am now going through. Who knows, I may even upload some photographs to share.

In other words, whether I am writing my real life incidents or using Old Beng to spice up my articles, I do hope to bring a smile on your face whenever you read them.


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  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 1:22:00 PM , Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

    Why a sudden confession????

    In any case, I'm sure a lot of pple knows u're kidding about the 12 kids :)

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 1:26:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Old Beng
    Still like to call you that. Actually regardless of whether you are married with kids or not, makes no diff and I will still continue to visit your blog. I also share spinnee's question, why the sudden confession?

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 1:41:00 PM , Blogger 孺子牛 said...

    u gian tou is it?

    Wanted to write about your true life story.

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 2:21:00 PM , Blogger ipromise said...

    Er, can you give me back all the toys which I brought to your house, for your 'children'?

    I would like to take back my comments about you looking like Andy Lau. Actually you are more like Liu De Hua's brother - Liu De Hen.

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 2:38:00 PM , Blogger Tracy said...

    Sobs sobs sobs....aiyo, how can you bluff me....I have been your fan since in YMB....and I 100% believe in your stories and your given fact, everything. End up, I am being 'not in a sound mind'???

    Ok lah, lets come back to the reality world. Actually, everyone in the virtual world would hide their true identity for many reasons. Which I think, mainly to get away from the reality & cruelty of living.

    It is like a fairy tale when you tell a child that Snow White and the Prince will live happily ever after. What will you think will happen if you tell the child that Snow White died after eating the poison apple? Sobs...sobs...sobs...

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 2:51:00 PM , Blogger Old Beng said...

    spinnee and no eyes
    I have my reasons but thank you for continuing to read my blog :)

    lau qin
    How you know ah?

    You gave to Old Beng's children so where got return one? ha ha

    I where got bluff you? Old Beng is Old Beng, Me is Me :p

    Thanks for coming to my blog and reading Old Beng's tales since YMB.

    Anyway, Old Beng will continue to write about his 12 children again.

    I am speechless......

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 5:13:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Tracy, not everything in his stories are fictitious. Some of what he wrote, is true of the real Beng - he farts a lot. You should see how fast he swims in the pool.

    Mr Lim(or is it Mr Kong), can I have the toys?

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 5:32:00 PM , Blogger Old Beng said...

    Santa Claus
    ha ha you very funny but sorry no toys liao.

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 6:50:00 PM , Blogger TheBlurQueen said...

    ...old_beng or real u doesn't matter the least..wats important, u've touched the hearts of many & i'm no exception...

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 7:39:00 PM , Blogger socute333 said...

    eeee so the old beng is a fake...

    i know why you confessed!!!! the day the kind-hearted ipromise brought toys for your "kids" you realli felt bad liao... so u need to confess for deceiving ipromise and to stop further cheating of other people's good intention... hahaha

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 8:48:00 PM , Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

    anyway my blog is what I am.

    i blog nothing but the truth of everyday of my life.

    just that I hide behind an avatar :)

    because of the truth i've spilled, i can't show my face :P

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 10:55:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ARRGGHHH!! i m the 11 yrs old gurl u can call mi Daphne..

    Anyway who in SINGAPORE would hav 12 children.But u say u got tattoos is tt true???

    This is the most crucial part tt i would wan 2 noe ;)

  • At Wednesday, November 09, 2005 9:44:00 AM , Blogger Old Beng said...

    Ai-yo, Old Beng is not fake la, just made-up character written by the real me to touch on certain issues through his eyes and family.

    Think I got more "scolding" feedback than I expected.

    Hello Daphne
    You are absolutely right, don't think there is anyone in Singapore now has 12 children but some of our older generation did have 10 to 12 children. I personally know 2 families with 10 and 11 children each.

    Why is the issue on tattoo a crucial part of your question?

    Old Beng will continue to write his tales in his blog and in fact I had a weird dream last night and think I will post it up to share with you.

  • At Wednesday, November 09, 2005 10:59:00 AM , Blogger Daphne said...

    I wan 2 noe tt if ur true self hav tattoos is bcoz I hav great interest abt tattoos.

    Plz answer directly.

  • At Wednesday, November 09, 2005 11:12:00 AM , Blogger Old Beng said...

    Why do you have great interest on tattoo, may I ask? Hope you are not thinking of having one yourself.

    Old Beng has 2 tattoo but I only have a big birthmark and some scars which look like tattoo.

    I don't think a student your age should have tattoo cos it cannot be removed if you were to regret having it later on.

    Maybe you can try the "drawing" kind which can be cleaned/washed away after couple of days, so at least you have had "tattoo" and also able to get rid of it after that.

    For me, I won't mind the temporary ones but am against the real tattoo kind.

  • At Wednesday, November 09, 2005 8:21:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I never say i lik tattoos wad!!

    i think tattoos r like body art. hahahaha:D

    Anyway i still supporting u....


  • At Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:54:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Old Beng,

    Monkichi will continue to support you regardless whether you are the fictitious 'Old Beng' or Real YOU.

    Btw, are you going to start another blog about the Real You?


  • At Thursday, November 10, 2005 9:58:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Old Beng,

    Anyway nice reading your blog, keep it up. Sometimes we need to hide our identity to relieve our work/family comitment "stress".

  • At Friday, November 11, 2005 7:55:00 PM , Blogger lau hero said...

    sorry I'm late, only a few days only why suddenly you confess. now this is not you leh, not the oldbeng I knw nor the actual u that I knw also.....let me c, I thk u'r trying for somethg fishy fishy huh, man or man.

  • At Friday, December 29, 2006 12:39:00 AM , Blogger NA said...


  • At Wednesday, January 27, 2010 8:32:00 PM , Blogger Taipei Geek said...

    That's a good explanaition, haha. But 12 kids? That's even a lot for Singapore's standard, haha :P


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