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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

10 Things I Missed

lim peh ka li kong

There are many things in this world when gone will never be able to come back again, only memories stay with us.

I missed the followings very much...

1) My childhood games especially the outdoors games of catching spiders, playing marbles, flying kites etc.

2) The pampered feeling my gramma showered me unconditionally.

3) The nice things I did together with my dad, having tim sum, watching movies, test-driving of cars, discussion on current affairs, smoking together after a sumptuous dinner, etc.

4) Schooling days.

5) Talked the nights through with buddy before we are married (not to each other but separately).

6) The overwhelming excitement sensation during courtship time that lingered in my heart just before she turned up for our date.

7) The joy the moment you open the examination paper and found that all that you had studied appeared in the examination questions.

8) The good old days whereby the food we bought cost lesser but somehow tastier.

9) You know practically every neighbour living in your neighbourhood and our doors were never locked during the day.

10) Not pai-seh (shy) to take off my shirt anytime to show off my 6-packed.

lim peh kong wan liao

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