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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Old Beng Went To Wedding Dinner

lim peh ka li kong

That day, me and my cha-bo-lang went to attend our cousin's wedding dinner in a posh restaurant in Orchard Road. My wife wore the new dress she bought from Yaohan (Oops! Plaza Singapura, old habits die hard, I can remember Yaohan only bcos there was where my love story begins with my wife. Got time must share my romances with you all). Actually I dont quite like her new dress - in front too low (giving half-ball). I mean I like other girls to wear but not my wife la. (Yeah yeah, stupid male's thinking. but then hor, all husband same kind)

We arrived the restaurant at 7.50 pm bcos Old Beng doesn't like to be late and the invitation card said the dinner will start at 8 pm sharp. Although my wife took some time to put on colour-paintings on her face, she knew I never like late people so she planned her time very well one whenever she goes out with me. Wa-piang, my cha-bo-lang put colour-paintings on her face, look more like fiona xie leh, attracting many many men turned their heads to see her. I think her figure also attracted all the eyes. (But I dare not tell her she lately like put on a little bit weight liao).

When we gave our ang-pao to our uncle (cousin's father) at the door of the restaurant, old beng saw that there were only few people inside sitting only. Dont know why but I think, our uncle smiled from ear-to-ear when he saw only me and my wife came. (I guessed he very happy we did not bring any of our children along).

We waited and waited and finally most people came only after 8.30 pm and the dinner only started at 9.03 pm. lim peh knew the time so well because I was very hungry. Dont understand why these people always come late one ah? Hello, can all people please come early for wedding dinner can or not? Come late, eat late, go home late, then stomach so full how to sleep? So sleep late, next day wake up also late, go to work lagi late. very bad for uncle like me who dont like to be late.

Being a chilli-king, I of course asked for more chilli from the waitress.

"Excuse me, can you give me more chilli please?" Old beng asked 1 young girl waitress walking pass our table. She stared at me with eyes open big big and walked away. 3 minutes later, I saw that same waitress again and I asked her again, "Excuse me miss, can you give me more chilli please?" Then came her stunting reply. "I not waitress hor, why you so stupid cannot see that I am such a beautiful, intelligent, sociable, young lady, how can I work as waitress. Go get your chilli yourself."

OMG, did I meet a high class girl at the wedding dinner and mistaken her as a waitress? While I was totally stunt by her reply, I realised my wife looking at me, in fact "staring" was a better word. You know, the eyes like got daggers like that, anytime can fly out and stab you to death. Wa-piang, I only asked for chilli mah, how I know like that? (But to be honest, that girl really quite swee.) After that I sat properly like a statue dare not look around anymore, if not later tonight kena sleep with one of my children in another room.

Then the xin-lang and xin-niang plus family members went around taking photographs with each and every table. Funny ah, I remembered taking quite a lot of this type of photo before but never received any leh?

After a long night, the dinner finally over and me and my cha-bo-lang went home together with stomach very full. That night nothing happened, heng ah so lucky.

lim peh kong wan liao

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