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Friday, September 30, 2005

Old Beng And Neighbours

lim peh ka li kong

Everyday when I go home after work ah, sure walk pass my neighbours' houses with interesting different views and encounters. Today I will like to share some experiences with you.

My neighbour, the Tan family, likes to show their under-garments along the corridor to dry. Sometimes really not so good view with the underwear and panties showing to the whole world like flags flapping against the wind. Some more, 1 of the female undies I saw was very big in size, wa-piang, need at least 2-3 of my cha-bo-lang size to fill the size. (No offend to the bigger size people hor, just stating a fact). I think Mrs Tan only does her laundry once a week, so when she put her under-garments (underwear, panties, bras etc etc) out to dry, it is really a spectacular sight. When I walk pass the corridor during weekend, always very careful one, si-ka-lee accidentally kena my head then no need to buy 4D already.

Another family beside us is the Lim family - we called them the "ko-seng" family. From morning to afternoon till night falls, sure got someone singing karaoke from the members of the Lim family. As Mr Lim is a retiree, his only enjoyment is to sing Hokkien songs at home in the morning 7 days a week without fail. Then afternoon will be Mrs Lim's turn with the Cantonese karaoke. The night session change to their 2 young daughters and start the singing after their dinner, I think their songs are better because they sing newer songs than their parents. (The only time they skip their night session was when TV showed the Superstar programme.) The Lim family members are people with time but no talent and people with talent usually got no time. It is his own freedom to like to sing but everyday, 7 days a week morning, afternoon and night and they turn on their volume darn loud but what to do?

There is another Indian family (Mr and Mrs Nathan - not our president la, just same name) living few units away from me and the couples already in their sixties but have no children. They sort of dotted very much on my children and they always shower my children with lots of love, affection and candies too. Sometimes they even bring my children to McDonald and buy them Fries. I think my youngest son stays in the Nathan's house more than at home leh because he can eat lots of sweets there.

There is another Malay family (Mr Ali and family) living besides the Indian family and all of us call them the smiling family bcos they always smile everyday to everybody they meet - at the corridor, in the lift, in the market or in the playground. lim peh has never seen a family so friendly one.

I still remember got one time when Mrs Nathan fell down in her flat when Mr Nathan went back to India, all the families - Chinese or Malay or Bah-yee (yes, there is also a Bah-yee family) all went to help her and sent her to the hospital.

Whoever says Singaporeans all very racist one? Malays, Chinese, Indians or other races all are Singaporeans and in fact we all very close to one another and help on a look out when children are left alone at home. (I always enjoy the advantage when me and my cha-bo-lang go out alone bcos my 12 children sure very safe with the help of all my neighbours)

One thing I feel very shiok because whenever my children see Mr Singh walks pass us they always pinch me and ask me "Bah-yee si mi saik". I know this is a sick game and a very racist one but even Mr Singh himself usually answered my children his turban's colour loudly and we will all roar into histerical laughters.

These are my good neighbours that lim peh has for the past 10 years and yes we live in perfect harmony.

lim peh kong wan liao

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