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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sister-In-Law's Wedding

lim peh ka li kong

My sister-in-law (cha-bo-lang's sister) got married on the 06 June 2009.

Early in the morning, the Bridegroom and his group of "Brothers" came to fetch the Bride. It was quite a spectacular scene with them marching down, blowing trumpet and wearing those colourful outfits.
As we all know, the Bridegroom will have his group of "Brothers" to help him to try to handle the Bride's group of "Sisters" before he can actually see the Bride in the House.

One of the Brothers is already married and he was the main strength to try to help the Bridegroom pass all the tests.Before they took on any obstacle tests, the Bridegroom was quite kan-chiong and did some深呼吸。。。For every test the Bridegroom and his group of Brothers took, they had to pay a price of $88 if they failed each test; If they passed the tests, they would only need to pay $28 and there were easily more than 10 tests.

The first test which made all of us laughed non-stop was that they had to dance to the MV of the Korean Wonder Girls "Nobody".

Following that, they had to finish some food - Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy 酸、甜、苦、辣。

The Sisters had prepared the following 4 items: Lemon, extremely sweetened milk, hyper bitter coffee and a plate of hot chilli.Surprisingly, the Bridegroom and his Brothers passed the test with flying colours.

My Father-in-law welcomed his new son-in-law when he stepped into the house.Knowing that the Bridegroom cannot speak Mandarin well, one of the tests required him to sing a Chinese love song. He had at first chosen to sing a song by Jacky Cheung 张学友 but everyone stopped him when he told us the title of the song was 吻别 =_="""

At last, with the help of his Brothers, he managed to sing this Chinese song:
All the while, when the Bridegroom and the Brothers were trying their very best to try to pass all the tests, the Bride was waiting anxiously in her room
Finally, with all the tests over and done (with lots of money paid after each test), the Bridegroom made his way to the Bedroom to meet the Bride.
After all the tests, the Bridegroom led the Bride out of the Bedroom.
One group photo of the couple with their Brothers and Sisters
After leaving the house, all of us headed to the church. (Too lazy to upload too many photo, will just share a few more photos).

Everybody was eating after the event but the couple had to take photographs with the guests especially both are Teachers and they had invited their students to their church wedding ceremony.=====

At night, the wedding dinner was held in a hotel and the lovely couple walked swiftly into the crowdChampagne pouring ceremonyA group photo with the newly-wed couple.
Congrats to the Newly-Wed.
lim peh kong wan liao
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