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Sunday, May 06, 2007

10 Ways To Be Happy And Happier

lim peh ka li kong

Life is fair to everyone but more fair to some and super hyper fair to few.

All of us came to this world beyond our control cos nobody ever asked our opinion prior to having us around. Like 周星驰 Stephen Chow once said in one of his movies, "the few seconds of enjoyment from your parents resulted the fruitful result of having you around."

Ooops! Sorry, write out of point.

Since you are reading my blog now which means you have a life so why not make yourself more happy. Treat yourself better, pamper yourself more.

Let lim peh share with you my 10 ways of making yourself happy and happier:-

1) Be happy : Do some real good work out and make yourself perspire with the sensational feeling of having sweat dripping down your neck, your back.
Be happier : Work out with your loved ones.

2) Be happy : Pamper yourself with the expensive items which you have been eye-ing for a long time but too heartpain to buy them.
Be happier : Buy some for your parents, siblings and loved ones too.

3) Be happy : Go around Singapore with the mind-set of a tourist, visit places you have always wanted to go but never have the chance/time.
Be happier : Pretending that you cannot speak English or any other languages and dialects thus not able to understand what the shopkeepers say and have fun trying to slash prices of items you fancy.

4) Be happy : Book a Karaoke room and sing like nobody's business with all your strength and let it all out, for once be a superstar or Singapore idol wannabe.
Be happier : Invite your good friends / not very good friends / more importantly lousy friends along and let them suffer enjoy your singing.

5) Be happy : In a hot sunny afternoon, dip yourself in a swimming pool and enjoy the cool water surrounding you.
Be happier : Follow up with a bowl of ice-kacang or icy cold watermelon.

6) Be happy : Stormy rainy afternoon, just sleep the whole afternoon through.
Be happier : Have some "exercise" with your loved one in bed before both knocking off together.

7) Be happy : For 1 day, eat some of your favourite food whereby you have always refrained yourself due to the "importance" of weight factor: food like chocolate cake, soft drinks, etc
Be happier : Eat ALL your favourite food and just nuay at home doing practically nothing.

8) Be happy : Go to the beach for a day and enjoy the sun, the sea, the sand and the breeze.
Be happier : Make sure to find a good spot where you can see hunks with muscular bodies/girl girl in nice bikini playing beach ball.

9) Be happy : For 1 day, hang up your house telephone, lock your mobile phone and pager in the drawer, no computer, no tv, no radio and just relax.
Be happier : Leave all these behind and go oversea to have a real short break.

10) Be happy : Come click Old Beng blog everyday.
Be happier : Click Stickgal, Sibehsian, Meepok, Cheeky, 阿祥, blog too.

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