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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Time No Mood

lim peh ka li kong

Recently quite a few things to share share but somehow, just let it go and have not been blogging as much.

I remembered my Meleka Trip in February 2009 but I did not blog about it;

I remember my Spain trip (Part 2) which I have also stopped despites having uploaded quite a few photos and written quite a fair bit of the post (all safe-kept as Draft);

I remembered I went to watch Emil's concert but again I let it go;

Last weekend, me and my cha-bo-lang went to watch the Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe, China Acrobatic Drama "Journey To The West - 西游记" - no blog;

We went to watch Harry Potter yesterday - no blog;

I have planned to post something in my blog and dedicate it to my cha-bo-lang since last month but again I super lazy and let it drag;

I have also planned to write more of my Ghost stories - both in English and 华文

Guess lim peh is becoming lazier and lazier.

Let's see when lim peh have the mood and time to write.

lim peh kong wan liao
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