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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Old Beng And Dogs

lim peh ka li kong

When Old Beng was still a young Beng many many years ago, me fell in love with a lady, who is by his standard, a very "chio-bu" (a 10 upon 10 pretty and sexy and good figure and perfect girl).

Before young Beng tried to tackle her, he was quite scared of dogs bcos he was chased and bitten by dogs when he was a little boy going around catching spiders to fight with others' spiders. (Have you played fighting spiders before? those who had will understand the joy and pride when your spider is the fighting king of the kampong) Wonder where I can bring my boys to catch spiders now?

Then ah, that chio-bu young beng was tackling had a big brown dog. It was during that time when young beng tried to tackle the girl thus was trained to understand dogs better and not afraid of them anymore.

After years of courtship, young beng married the chio-bu and then young beng becomes Old Beng and the chio-bu becomes the mother of 12.

Old Beng and family had 2 dogs - Ah Pwee and Ah San (1 fat dog and 1 skinny dog)

Those 2 dogs were well-loved by all our family members from the day they came to our house. They may not fetch newspaper for us and eat like gluttons but they were truely the apples to all of our eyes. The 2 dogs' enjoyed rather good life in our family due to 1 reason only, the queen of the family loved them VERY VERY VERY VERY (must repeat "VERY" 4 times to stress on the importance of the dogs.) MUCH.

Then after 13 long years with us, Ah Pwee and Ah San fell sick due to old age. During Ah Pwee's last days, she was very sick and had to be sent to the veterinary for medical treatment.

I tell you ah, dogs are treated like human beings at the vet. They got medication and even put on drips. They even got blood transfusion given to our Ah Pwee bcos she was losing blood.

Wa-piang, so high tech one. I never thought that dogs can also be given blood transfusion.

Anyway, after weeks of treatment, Ah Pwee finally died due to her old age. My cha-bo-lang and my children all cried over the lost of Ah Pwee.

Then I went to the reception to settle the bill. When I saw the bill, I cried.

Wa-piang, the bill is darn high man. My cha-bo-lang later saw me eyes red red thought that I also feel sad for Ah Pwee which of course I did not explain the additional reason behind my sorrow.

Ah San too left us 6 months after Ah Pwee was gone. The agony of losing 2 dogs in such a short period of time was too great for my wife and she was very sad for a long time. Even until today, she will cry whenever she sees the photos of Ah Pwee and Ah San.

I have to tell her that we should not be keeping any dogs as pets in future cos she cannot bear to lose them.

I once told her to keep cockroaches, ants or houseflies instead of dogs bcos if cockroaches, ants or houseflies die, she won't feel so heartpain. The result to my suggestion was that I have to wear sunglass for a week to cover my panda look.

lim peh kong wan liao

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