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Monday, October 17, 2005

Grandpa And Grandson

You may have heard this one but I think it is cute and want to share with you.


One day, grandpa and his beloved grandson were walking home after the grandson's school and while they were walking towards the lift of their flats, just before stepping into the void-deck, a plastic pail dropped from the second storey.

Think the owner of the pail might have left it there to dry after using it.

Coincidentally, the pail hit the grandpa just as he was walking into the void-deck but luckily it did not drop from a very high floor so no great injury was done just maybe a little dizziness and shock to the poor grandpa

While the grandpa sat in the void deck to catch his breath, he told his grandson to go up to the unit which dropped the pail and tell them about the incident.

The grandson went up to the unit, knocked on the door, and told the owner this:-

"Gong gong gong, gong gong gong gong, gong gong gong."


Don't understand? Please read it in Hokkien again.

Ok, I shall put in the punctuation marks and hope it will help:-

"Gong gong gong, gong gong gong gong, gong gong gong."
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

Still don't understand, ok I shall explain:-

The first 3 "gong gong gong" is referring to "grandpa says".

The fourth "gong" is referring to the "pail".

The fifth "gong" is referring to "knock".

The sixth and seventh "gong gong" is referring to "grandpa".

The eighth and ninth "gong gong" is referring to "grandpa" again.

The last "gong" is referring to "giddiness"

So, the whole sentence read as:

"Gong gong gong, gong gong gong gong, gong gong gong"

"Grandpa says, pail knock grandpa, grandpa dizzy".

Hokkien - what a dialect.

Hope you catch the joke :)


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