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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Movie Night With Cha-Bo-Lang

lim peh ka li kong

Last night (27 Aug 2008), me and my cha-bo-lang had a fright night - we went to watch the Thai horror movie - 4bia

4bia = Phobia.

You can safely read my post even if you have not watched the show as lim peh will not reveal much of the story lines.

I love watching horror movies since young and 4bia is satisfactory to my standard as viewers like me get 4 different movies for the price of 1. Due to the time constraints for each story, the pace is much faster and not draggy.

1) Happiness - Directed by Yangyoot Thongkongtoon, the one who directed Iron Ladies.
A young lady confined to her apartment with a broken leg in a cast alone. The building up of the chilling atmosphere was superb and although lim peh managed to guess the story line as it unfolds, it is still a good story.

2) Tit for Tat - Directed by Paween Purijitpanya, the one who directed Body #19.
To me, this is the weakest story and I preferred Body story line to Tit for Tat.

3) In the Middle - Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakan, the co-director of Thai blockbusters Shutter and Alone.
4 friends went on a rafting trip and their boat capsized with only 3 of them managed to make it out alive. They searched for their missing friend and as they were trying to sleep, their missing friend came back... The story was presented in quite a funny way and Director's skillful lead of the viewers all the way to want to know the ending is well handled.

4) Last Fright - Directed by Pakpoom Wongpoom, the other co-director with Banjong Pisanthanakan on Shutter and Alone.
A so-so story line but it maximises its tok-kong setting of a helpless flight attendant on board a turbulence-rocked empty plane with a dead body. Claustrophobic situation + helplessness push the story to its fullest climax.

If you love horror movies, this is 1 show you should not miss as out of the 4 stories, there sure to be 1 that meets your taste.

I think lim peh really prefer Horror shows from Thailand and Korea to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

lim peh kong wan liao
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