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Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Skill

lim peh ka li kong

Don't play play hor, recently lim peh just realised that lim peh have a new skill, a new talent, a whole new horizon.

Never thought that at the age of 40+, lim peh can still master and achieve new things.

Before going into details, lim peh have to feed you with some info.

Before 2008 arrives, lim peh always woke up just enough time for me to brush up, go toilet for clearing, change, eat breakfast and leave for work.

Starting 2008, lim peh itchy backside and also itchy mouth, told my cha-bo-lang that I will wake up earlier every morning to exercise in order to attain a healthier life-style.

Now lim peh have to wake up about 1 and a half hours earlier than usual to keep my promise.

Wah-laoz, tell you hor, every morning very difficult to pull myself out from the comfortable bed leh. Many a times, lim peh just wish to continue sleeping until my previous waking up time i.e. 1 and a half hours later.

But then lim peh very self-discipline one. Why all of you shake your heads? Ok la ok la, lim peh lie. It is because my cha-bo-lang very determine one, she will sure get me up every morning.

Then hor, lim peh discover lim peh have a new skill, new talent cos lim peh can actually close my 2 beautiful eyes and take a quick nap while standing. Ha ha kiang bo?!?!

Lim peh is like the horse hor, can sleep while standing but unfortunately only stand sleeping like a horse and not "hung" like a horse =_="""

But seriously, it is really good to have fresh air while we exercise and stroll every morning.

lim peh kong wan liao

PS: If you happen to see an uncle exercising and strolling early in the morning with a cha-bo-lang somewhere in a park at the West coast of Singapore, that uncle may be lim peh la.
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