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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Old Beng On The Road

lim peh ka li kong

Recently, Old Beng starts to drive a Mar-say-lee. No la, I did not strike toto or 4D but because my friend Ah Seng got leg injury and cannot drive so I help him to drive his taxi only. One night, I happened to drive a young man, the long-sleeve wear tie executive type. He boarded my Mar-say-lee at Clementi and wanted to goTampines so I asked him,"Mister, which route you want me to go? By AYE or PIE ah?" Must asked properly before I drive if not later he said I purposely drive 1 big round to con his money.

The young executive man replied,"Tampines."

Old Beng a bit puzzled so asked one more time,"Which route you want to go, AYE or PIE?"


"I know you want to go Tampines but which way? AYE or PIE?" me asked louder a bit, maybe he didnt hear me well.

"Tampines la"

"Mister, which part of my sentence you don't understand? Go by which route la?"

" chin chye la, you the driver not me."

So Old Beng go by the following routes and made a little bit more fares.

Clementi > Commomwealth > Alexandra > Havelock > Outram > North Bridge Road > Bugis > Kallang > Geylang > Chai Chee > Bedok > Bedok Reserviour > Tampines avoiding both AYE and PIE.

Actually he quite lucky already because I didn't follow the MRT routes.

Then another incident, 4 young punks, with their hair coloured like peacock and wear sun glasses even at night, boarded my taxi at Yishun and wanted to go Kim Seng Road, Zouk Disco. Wa-piang, those 4 young punks made so much noise during the journey and talking nonsense with vulgar words (their valgurs vocab very chim, many I never hear before) all the way until I cannot tahan turn on my radio louder to cover their noise. (lim peh got 12 children also never so noisy before). The young punk sitting in front somemore dare to tell me to shut off the radio because it was affecting their conversation. Old Beng just stared at him and rolled up my sleeves and told him that I would lower the radio volume if they keep quiet also. I think they all very understanding young men so they all kept very quiet after that. When we reached Zouk, they quickly got off the taxi without wanting the change from me.

Got one time, Old Beng picked up a young lady and her old mother who was wheelchair bound from the hospital. When they reached their flat at Ghim Moh Road, Old Beng stopped the taxi at the roadside and helped the old lady off the taxi. I tell you ah, some driver really one kind, think only he got car ah, wait a little while will die is it? Because my taxi was blocking the way, the Lexus behind cannot overtake me thus the driver started to horn at me. Such irritating creep. Somemore he got the cheek to wind down his window and sticked his big fat ugly head out and said," Oei, faster can or not? Your grandfather road ah?"

I tell you ho, lim peh almost wanted to pull that irritating idiotic pig-lookalike out from his car and show him lim peh's kung-fu koon tou but I remembered my cha-bo-lang always tells me cannot fight. (Me no.1 listen to wife, so he very lucky).

I only told him, "you can wait you wait, you cannot wait dont wait lor."

What's wrong with Singaporeans' drivers nowadays ah?

lim peh kong wan liao

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