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Thursday, March 01, 2007

CNY 鱼生捞-ing At Hiao Aunty's Place

lim peh ka li kong

Miss Hiao Aunty invited some of us to her house for a CNY “捞鱼生”, got free makan Old Beng me how can reject one?

According to her, there were supposed to be 8 of us (auspicious numbers) but then hor in the end only a handful can make it leh.

The 5 are the Hiao Aunty, Old Beng and Cha-bo-lang, Elydia and her Ah Dar.

According to the Hostess, she has just shifted there in January. The place is cosy and clean, very comfortable and airy. (Eh... actually only see the hall, she quickly closed her Bedroom door before any of us can peek into it.)

When me and cha-bo-lang reached her house at 2.05pm (5 minutes late because Old Beng me had to groom a little bit thus took a little bit longer time), Elydia and her Ah Dar were already there.

After wishing Hiao Aunty a Happy New Year with 2 Mandarin Oranges, me stepped into her hall and met Elydia and partner.

"Hello, Happy New Year," me extended my hand to Ah Dar,"You must be Mr Ah Dar." Me very smart one cos me got read Elydia's blog and know his name is Ah Dar.

"No la, his name is Peter." Elydia told me.

"Ah Phwee, Ah Dar is the nick only Elydia calls her partner la." Cha-bo-lang whispered into my ear.

"????" Me very confused leh. Me thought his name is Ah Dar as Elydia always addressed him so in her blog.

"Hi, you must be Old Beng." Peter shook my hand.

Wow!!! How come he know I am Old Beng? Me famous already la, me quickly take out my pen in case he wants my autograph, me heard Hiao Aunty asking him,"Peter, how do you know he is Old Beng?"

"Oh, it's very simple, see his super-duper long ear-lobe can tell liao."

Wa-piang, like that also can?

After chit-chating for a while, we started our 鱼生捞-ing, we are the New Generation (eh.. ok la, not me, me know me old fashioned), the young ones are the New Generation and we used forks instead of chopsticks to 捞 the 鱼生.

The 鱼生 very nice right? Thanks to Hiao Aunty for her kind contributions

5 persons, 5 forks, ready to 捞 the 鱼生.

* From left to right: Hiao Aunty, Cha-bo-lang, Old Beng, Ah Dar and Elydia.

On top of the 鱼生, we also had some "finger-food". I loved the "finger-food" as they were very tasty. ^^""" (Must say tasty if not dangerous sia).

Even though there were only 5 of us, me really enjoyed the 鱼生捞-ing gathering.

After eating, drinking, chit-chating and laughing, we finally had to say good-bye.

On our way out, we saw a cat sleeping outside Hiao Aunty's unit and Old Beng me started to communicate with it, using the cat language la.

"Meow...Meow.... Meow..." Old Beng trying very hard to converse with the cat but the cat just open its eyes, looked at me and went back to its nap.

Everybody was looking at me cos earlier during our chit-chating session, me was telling them about the meaning of the cats' language but apparantly, this cat just bo-chap me totally.

"Eh... eh... this one sure a boy boy cat so never want to talk to me, if the one is a girl girl cat, huh, she sure talk to me one." Old Beng me trying very hard to cover my malu-ness.

Everybody was trying very hard to suppress their smiles on their faces knowing that my cow-skin blow until picah already.

Me quickly grab-hold of my cha-bo-lang's hand and went into the lift, away from the malu site.

lim peh kong wan liao


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