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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bali Trip

lim peh ka li kong

We went to Bali, Indonesia for a short getaway in March this year. I think this time was our 4th time there and there are some changes since the last time we visited Bali.

We stayed in a hotel in Ubud area via Internet booking and for the kind of price, it is worth staying there.

When we first stepped into the Hotel compound, we saw lots of trees and plants.

The very Balinese designs around the Hotel premise.

The swimming pool of the Hotel but we did not have a chance to swim.

When we were led to our room, the exterior deco of the hotel room door really stunned lim peh as it looked so old.

Look at the door, no key-hole, no magnetic door card, just 2 ring handles. So how to lock the door when we leave the hotel to go jalan jalan?

Dang dang!! A lock!! Nice boh?

Lim peh was wondering how to lock the bedroom door from inside and this is what the interior of the door looked like.

Cannot see? Ok an enlarge photo.

Everybody who visited Bali will definitely look for the roast pork rice at "Ibu Oka". A plate of roast pork rice with a bottle of Teh-botoh.

The first night in our hotel room, both of us did not have a good night sleep cos the main road was just behind our bedroom and motorbikes were heard throughout the night.

We requested for a change of bedroom away from the main road and was given another nicer room.

The pathway to our new bedroom - a newer room with a normal door lock.

There's a mosquito net hanging over our bed but we did not let the net down when we slept.

The bathroom had quite a green sight - we can bathe and see flowers at the same time.

During our stay in the hotel, my cha-bo-lang enrolled herself in the cooking class - Balinese food and these 4 dishes were cooked by her - Satay, Rice, Otah and curry.

The food nice or not? Of course nice la, lim peh finished everything hor. Don't play play, say the wrong thing sure finish one.

Although lim peh did not enrol for the cooking class with my cha-bo-lang, we did enrol in the making of the baskets for their "Canang Sari" offerings - the used of a coconut palm leaf.

See the 10 leaf baskets? lim peh and cha-bo-lang made one although not very professionally made, still not too bad la.

We made another type - the long ones.

After the Carang baskets were done, colourful flowers were placed in them as offerings.

Bali is famous for its Rice Padi field and we engaged a tour-guide to take us for an early morning stroll.

A lovely sight at 6.10 a.m. in the morning with the mountain in the distance.

While trekking through the Padi field, our guide gave us an indepth accounts of the history and Padi life in Bali.

When we headed back to our hotel after the Padi field walk, we saw 4 colourful chicken.

In Bali, there are more dogs than Cats and along the way, we saw quite a few dogs. (Just to share a secret with you, lim peh is like Doctor Dolittle, I can read and understand what dogs are thinking).

A Black and White dog having his thoughts when lim peh snapped a picture.

A brown dog looking at me with weird thoughts.

A beautiful and smart dog.

The beautiful and smart dog called his friend to look at the handsome camera-man.

His friend in turn called his buddy to join in to see the camera man.

lim peh just love dogs when they speak their minds :)
.../ To be continued at Bali Trip part 2

lim peh kong wan part 1 liao
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