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Friday, July 08, 2011

Embarassing Moment - 撞衫

lim peh ka li kong

Have we all not at one time or another, 撞衫 clash attire with another person in a gathering or during a wedding dinner?

几尴尬一下,especially if that person 穿得比你好看一百倍。

To us, 撞衫没什么大不了啦 but to most celebrities, 哇! 大件事咯!!

两人撞衫: Maggie Q and 李玟

三人撞衫: 王菲,章子怡 and 林志玲

四人撞衫: 梁咏琪,陈慧琳,赵薇 and 阿梅
Actually, these are still not the worst scenerio, lim peh present to you, the most jia-lat clashing

Shirt and table cloth

lim peh kong wan liao
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