lim peh ka li kong 令伯卡你讲

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


lim peh ka li kong

Last time lim peh used to buy flowers for my cha-bo-lang, at least twice a year. Once on her birthday and once on Valentine day.

Don't know since when, lim peh stop buying flowers for her on Valentine day liao.

Guess all men are sama sama one la, courting time si mi also can, "court-ed" liao, si mi also no need liao.

Me bad, me know.

Went kai-kai with my cha-bo-lang last weekend and then somehow drive here drive there, drive into the Far East Florists off Thomson Road.

We went there by chance and turned out we had quite a good deal for the cheap price we paid for the beautiful flowers which are now sitting beautifully in our hall.

See the beautiful Ginger flowers and Roses?

Roses 玫瑰花
Ginger Flowers 姜花

The flowers are really nice so if the photos do not look so, it is because of my lousy photo-shooting skill.

Guess how much does each cost?

There are total 15 stalks (5 big stalks and 10 smaller stalks) of Ginger flowers and 19 stalks of Roses.

We paid $9.00 for the 10 stalks of smaller Ginger flowers, $8.50 for the 5 stalks of bigger Ginger flowers and $7.01 for the 19 stalks of Roses.

$17.50 for 15 stalks of Ginger flowers and $7.01 for 19 stalks of roses!!

Super cheap hor?

*( I think market price for 1 stalk of Ginger flower is about $2.50 and 1 stalk of rose is about $1.00)

lim peh kong wan liao
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