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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Old Beng Went To Library

lim peh ka li kong

Last Saturday, my char-bo-lang (wife) pulled me to the library bcos she said she want to read some magazines at the same time used the toilet and enjoy some free air-con.

Wa-piang, Saturday call me go read books? then my bay-piao how? She doesnt know old beng always got buy 4D want meh, still bring me to see so many shu?

Reluctantly, I followed her lor, if not later other guys see her chio chio then tackle her, how? Must follow her then flex my muscle to scare pple away from her, ha ha.

Anyway, when I reached the Jurong East Library, I never know nowadays library so high class one ah. Somemore got a cafe inside, in my old mind library has always been a quiet place and cannot eat or drink, now?

While I was KLKK browsing the books I saw many parents bring their children to the library together and I think, good man, train the children to start reading since young.

Then, I saw many children running around, shouting loudly and some even playing. (play yo-yo la, catching la, hide and seek la, etc etc) The worst is that their parents also kept quiet and did not even tell their children not to play/shout/run in the library.

Until some students buay tahan already complained to the librarian and after the librarian approached the children's parent to refrain their children from making so much noise.

Only then the parent asked their children to behave themselves but only for a short span of time before the children started to misbehaved again.

I think only after I stared at them fiercely, the children then keep quiet and behave properly. (I think the parents saw the ang-kong (tattoo)on my arm so very scared, told their children not to make me angry)

What is wrong with these people? Library is a place for reading and should keep quiet ma, but I realised many people talking loudly among themselves and some even used their handphone like nobody's business.

lim peh kong wan liao

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