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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blog Posts I'll Like To Share (1)

lim peh ka li kong

Have come across the following "sibeh ho" very good posts, must share share:

I have been reading this funny guy's blog for many many years liao, and this is one that makes me laugh out loud:
Cheeky's Winter Sonata

Guess many have read Sibeh Sian's blog by now, he is another really funny guy:
Sibeh Sian's Tips about Interview

Xorpheus' post is always short and sharp, right to the point. Read one of the rare spooky post written by him:
Xorpheus' Scary Post

1~xyn's blog is a mixture of different writing styles, a little like mine. That is to say, we both write all kinds of posts but guess mine more chap-pa-lang:
1~xyn's Interesting 25 Weird Animals

Chanced upon this interesting blog and this post really set me thinking:
Seefei's Father's Day Message

For those who don't read Chinese blog, you are gonna missed this good post and if you read Chinese blog BUT don't understand the Hokkien dialect, you will also miss this good post:
Bear's Hokkien Post

Will share more interesting posts in the near future, till then.......

lim peh kong wan liao
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