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Monday, December 21, 2009

15th Annivesary

lim peh ka li kong

Time really flies hor?

In a blink of eyes, lim peh have already married my cha-bo-lang for 15 long years. (2 x 7 years of itch + 1 additional year).

lim peh still remember we had our big day on the 16 December 1994. The day which I finally understood what happiness was. By then I have already lost it No la, just joking, you all think I so daring meh?

Last week, lim peh ordered a bouquet of flowers for my cha-bo-lang (can't remember when was the last time lim peh gave her flowers liao?)

She was very touched and teared all night upon receiving lim peh's flowers. (No la, all lim peh made up one la). She was smiling from ear to ear but somehow, I guessed she'll prefer if lim peh gave her the cash instead.

Anyway, already ordered liao, so bo-bian must accept la. With such rare incident of receiving flowers from lim peh, sure must snap a few shots.

That day happened to be 初一 so we went to China Town to have dineer at a Vegetarian Restaurant 八宝素食馆

Our 2 nephews Jia Hao and Jonathan went with us.

We ordered a few dishes and they tasted real nice.





lim peh kong wan liao
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