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Friday, September 30, 2005

Old Beng Went Swimmimg

lim peh ka li kong

One weekend me and my family went swimming. Me and my cha-bo-lang divided our children into 2 groups - the can swim one and the younger cannot swim one. My eldest 15 years old son, xiao-ma-ge (little horse man - same name as HK star Chow Yun Fatt) also helped to look after his 11 siblings.

When I changed into my swimming trunk and came out from the changing room (actually is the toilet), me saw many girl girl all splashing water in the pools. I tell you ah, my eyes open big big when I saw them and darn scared my nose bleed. Then out of nowhere I saw the back of a sexy lady wearing bikini not far away ahead so I quickly walked towards her to see her face pretty or not. (yeah we all men the same one la, after see backside must see frontside). Suddenly she turned around and wa-piang, she was my cha-bo-lang! I angrily asked her why she wore so little cloth one, very dangerous because later those old men see her figure already heart attack, how? Somemore when she bought the bikini ah, how come I didn´t know? My cha-bo-lang scolded me back that only me old beng came to swimming pool to see girl and not swim. I of course said no.

Then I just bo-pian went to the children swimming pool to look after my 6 younger children and my wife stayed with the older group. I actually not quite happy to be asked to go baby pool because all babies only, where got good scenery BUT I realised there were few young mummy guarding their babies there too.

WAHAHAHAHA very good chance for me to see see look look. I think nowadays many mummy also went for sliming courses because all the young mummy I saw had very good figures. But then hor, I got not much time looking at the young mummy because I had to look after my children good good.

While lim peh was playing water with my 2 twins, another father also brought his baby to the swimming pool. I think the father felt a little bit uneasy and ashamed because he saw my well-built and fit shape compared to his ballooned stomach.

My little darling Rabbit-girl suddenly turned her pretty face towards me and asked,"Daddy, that uncle stomach got baby is it?" Ai-yo, I tell you ah, children talked very straight forward one, and thus made 2 fathers also felt malu. I quickly apologised to the young father,"sorry ah, children don´t know things hor." The father face red red walked away.

To all uncles, please hor, train your body a little bit la, walking around with a ball in your stomach very nice meh? If you like your wife to have a good body so must you la.

After 1 hour, old beng started to feel tired already especially must run after the children, darn siong man. Wonder how my cha-bo-lang take care of 12 children at home ah? Meals alone already siong siong, somemore wash clothes, iron clothes, cleaning of house, taking care of children etc etc. Wa, must really appreciate the hard work my cha-bo-lang has been putting in for our family. By taking care of the children and I think that´s the reason as to how she can keep the body like fiona xie. So ladies, to want to have fiona´s figure, give birth to 12 children la, ha ha. (just kidding hor).

After our swimming, I learned the following facts:-

1. My cha-bo-lang after giving birth to 12 children still got very good figure.

2. My body still very fit with no balloon-shape stomach.

3. Only children talked very straight forward one, all adults should think twice before commenting. (YMB friends?)

4. My xiao-ma-ge already grown-up like his father, muscle big big and quite a few heads turned when he walked passed the young girls. ha ha like father like son.

lim peh kong wan liao

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