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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Young Beng & Ah Huay

lim peh ka li kong

Many many years ago, when Old Beng was a young Beng, me also had 2 dogs and at that time, my part-toh was Ah Huay.

Ah Huay was taking a walk with lim peh who had adopted two dogs from the SPCA.

Ah Huay asked what their names were.

lim peh told her that one was called Lolek (Singlish for Rolex) and one was named Tai Mek (Singlish for Timex).

Ah Huay said, "Alamak, why you siao siao name dog like dat one! Where got dog with such name one?"

I think ah, Ah Huay really boh tak chek, so lim peh was more than happy to teach her a thing or two.

"Helloooooo......" answered lim peh. "They're watch dogs la!!"

Lim peh smart hor?!

lim peh kong wan liao
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