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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TV Commercials Again

lim peh ka li kong

Recently, there's this commercial on air which we (me and my cha-bo-lang) found it rather interesting and creative.

It's none other than the Heineken's advertisement.

I, especially, like the man in light blue shirt when he started screaming when he saw the beer.

Side track a bit, lim peh always feel that to be a good husband, affection and caring, sincerity plus faithfulness are very important.

To top them all, lim peh always put in my best efforts to try to make my cha-bo-lang laugh and being a Big Joker (not to mention my comical face), I succeeded at times.

We love to eat these sliced pork which we sometimes bought from Cold Storage. We will eat it with Korean Kim-chi soup and, gosh, it tastes so good.

We were searching for the pork but it seems that Cold Storage does not have the stocks everyday.

One fine Sunday morning, me and my cha-bo-lang went to Holland Village to have breakfast (Bread and Eggs). After our happy breakfast, we went to the Cold Storage and guess what? Yeah, we saw the sliced pork.

I immediately reacted in the same manner as the Heineken man (see commercial time at 0:26) when lim peh saw the sliced pork.

For what? For the sake of making my cha-bo-lang laugh lor.

So if you, by any chance, were at the Cold Storage at that moment and saw an old uncle screaming and waving his hands in front of the pile of pork, yeah, that's lim peh.

Some readers may remember I pulled a similiar stunt 2 years ago. You may want to click here to read the stupid act again.

Childish? 三苏古? 老天真?

So?!?! I will do any stunt again to make my cha-bo-lang laugh, for her, anytime, any place.

lim peh kong wan liao
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