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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Lucky Friend

lim peh ka li kong

My buddy R came back to Singapore from Beijing for a short holiday. The last time we met was more than a year ago, click here to read our last meeting. The one in the middle is R.

He wrote a super-duper 劲的 article which lim peh posted it here.

Lim peh always like to tell people that we have known each other since our Dinosaur´s time, since Primary One i.e. 7 years old until now, wah-piangz... 36 long years liao.

This R really very lucky when he came back to Singapore with his wife recently.

They came back from Beijing, China booking with Air China on Economy class tickets. Upon their checking in to the counter in Beijing Airport, they were told that the Economy seats were all taken up.

Apparently, this "Overselling" of air tickets is the common practice in China.

Since Air China´s own Business Class seats are also all taken up, the Air China personnels had no other alternative except to seek help from other Air Lines.

That is when Air China approached Singapore Airline for help and my friend R and his wife were offered to fly back to Singapore taking Singapore Airline.

Just think about it, switching from Air China to Singapore Airline at no extra cost and better still, they got upgraded to a better class than the original booked Economy class ticket.

Business Class tickets?

No Man!!! They were upgraded to FIRST CLASS TICKET!!!

What a lucky guy R was.

lim peh kong wan liao
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