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Friday, April 21, 2006

My Friends

lim peh ka li kong

In life, what does a man want?

You ask a hundred men, you probably will get different answers but generally the "Standard" answers will be :-


For me, a typical Old Beng, I am very much contented with what I have now.

A roof above my head as shelter;
Enough money to feed me and my family;
A car for transporting me from point A to point B;
A good wife;
Some nice friends;

Of all the friends I have, the latest new friends whom I have met are people from the cyber world. Kind of weird to make new friends via cyber world especially at my age but hey, they are nice people to know.

Me have 2 friends whom I have known them when I was in my Primary School at the age of 7 years old.

We have known one another for 34 long years!!! (Ya ya longer than your age now, dinosaur's time) .

From primary school boys to teenagers (we were in the same Secondary School too) to adults and having own's family, we have gone through thick and thin together.

Still remember the good old days, while still single, we played soccers, watched movies, bio girl girl, went lounges, tour together.

Though we were rather poor then, we had many happy memories together.

Now, with one of my friend in China, we only manage to see one another once a year when he comes back for vacation.

Me can proudly say that all 3 of us will always be by one another's side till the day we leave this world. I am very sure that in time when I need their help, a phone-call will be all I need and they will be there for me.

How am I so sure? Reciprocity thinking cos I know I will be there for them if they need my help anytime.

Thank you my friends - R and L.

lim peh kong wan liao

P/S * A photo taken during CNY 2006 when R came back to Singapore for vacation *

3 Old Uncles from the Age Of Dinosaurs (Guess which one is Old Beng?)

P/P/S: Spain Trip Photo is still not done yet, next week sure ok, me promise.


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