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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here Comes Lau Hero Again

lim peh ka li kong

My friend Lau Hero told lim peh about 2 of his issues recently:


Lau Hero told me that for the past week, he had been taking care of their child, cooked meals, went marketing, cleaned the house and did the laundry so that his wife can have good rest.

"I read somewhere that if our wife is not too tired, she makes a better partner in bed," Lau Hero said with a fishy grin.

"Really huh! Did it work?" Old Beng after hearing also heart itchy itchy.

"Not really la," Lau Hero answered with a frown.


"Because me too tired lor."


Lau Hero´s wife was feeling a little bit down so Lau Hero, being a sweet husband, placed an order of flowers to be sent to his wife to cheer her up.

When asked for the wordings to be printed on the card, Lau Hero told the florist to write, "I Believe In You!!"

That night when Lau Hero went home, he got a black eye from his wife.

He was very puzzled as to why he deserved such treatment from his wife when he sent her flowers?

Printed on the card, "I´ll Be Leaving You!!"


lim peh kong wan liao
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